Hello friends!

How are things with you?  I must say one thing first…THANK YOU!  After last month’s announcement that I would be closing my doors for good, I was absolutely bombarded with emails, messages, visits and calls telling me how much you would miss not only the shop but me.  Telling me how much you loved the classes and the other teachers I had brought in for you.  Telling me how much you learned from me..ME!  I am extremely humbled by all your kind words because I honestly had no idea I touched so many of you that much.  Just knowing that I helped teach you a technique you enjoyed or I inspired you somehow with my creations is something I will always hold dear.  I have lived and breathed this store for almost 4 years, to know I reached and made a difference with so many of you truly makes my heart full.

The above quote from Mark Twain sums up all this perfectly for me.   I did indeed leave my safe harbor 4 years ago to take on this endeavor.  I regret nothing.  I wish the ending was different but ultimately, I took a chance and I am so grateful I took this adventure! How lucky am I to have been able to live the dream and meet all of you fantastic ladies?

I’ve also had a bit of epiphany if you will and made some decisions.  The website will remain until approximately July.  There will be no new stock added as I have decided to step away from the retail part and not look into sourcing new product and keep providing it to you.  While I know I had originally said  I was going to try to look into some options, I decided I’m a little burned out and I need the break.  With all the supply issues occurring again with COVID it’s also hard to keep things in stock since items are not arriving in a timely manner.  Not to mention no space to store it in my house and it’s time to make decisions for myself for a change.  I will keep the facebook page operating for awhile though. I’m hoping to still use it to inspire your creativity and I might still make up card kits for you to purchase as well.  Long term plans once Covid is under control and we are able to, I may consider organizing a few crops and workshops with some of my favourite artists in the area.  However, I’m thinking that kind of thing will be over a year away at the rate the world is going. Until then, I’m going to take time for me and just do what I want and recharge.

I decided to not do a technique or project for December.  With everything going on trying to wrap up the store I just couldn’t get into the state of mind to create and get something out for you.  I’m sure you can understand that there’s a lot of balls in the air right now for me and I only have so many hands.  So no more projects will be coming until the store is all wrapped up and I’m working out of my home.

For those waiting for the final Tonic Magazine, I’m still hoping it could be here before Christmas.  No date has been given yet but watch the face book page for updates, as that is where I primarily post.  If it’s in January, no worries, I will make the time to be here for pick ups as needed.

The big sale was held on Saturday November 14 and was quite successful so thank you very much to everyone that came out and tried to get their favourite items before they were gone.  It’s getting pretty bare in here now but there are still deals to be had!

Until the supplies run out the following specials are still on: All Quilling supplies are 40% off

                                                                                                              All Prisma Premiere Pencils are 40% off

                                                                                                              Ken Oliver Colour Burst powder BOGO free

                                                                                                              Distress Markers BOGO free

                                                                                                              All loose pattern paper is Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Christmas break is fast approaching and the last day I will open for this year will be Friday December 18.  So keep that in mind if you are hoping to get in here for a last minute browse or gift.

Watch the facebook page for some special gift groupings at a discounted price!  I am not sure how many I will create but I’m hoping to create a few great gift ideas at a HUGE discount and it will be first come first serve to claim them so keep watching!

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me.  For reading this email and supporting the shop.  I truly hope to see many of you before the last day of 2020 comes.

Cards and Coffee,