The fall crop is now complete and it was a wonderful day inside and out!  The venue was a change but I think everyone liked it overall.  It did get a bit dark at night but nothing a lamp can’t fix!  You know me, always experimenting and trying to find the right space, atmosphere, prizes…ect.  Tell me what you want, what you really really want and I will totally listen!  I think though, this was one of my favourite crops to date.  If you attended and didn’t give me any feedback, please let me know – love it or hate it at the Madawaska room???

A surprise for crop attendees this year was a free pizza slice from Joe’s Family Pizzeria, Pembroke’s favourite pizza! Joe does a lot for the community, including supporting other businesses.  If you have never tried his pizza before, make it a point to go.  We might even work together in the future, stranger things have happened.  If you got a card for a free slice try it out, it just could be your new favourite pizza.

Planning and thinking is already on to bring back the spring crop.  What would you like to see in the spring?  What’s your favourite thing about a crop?  Drop me a line and let me know!

PS- most of you know my daughter, that is  her in the picture, hamming it up as always. That apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree LOL!  She dropped by and did the make and take with me.  She loves seeing what everyone creates and said to say “you all make such beautiful things!”