What a great weekend we had November 4 and 5th at the Best Western in Pembroke with designer Karan Gerber!  This time we had a larger venue and she brought an assistant so things went much more smoothly.  The Christmas album was completed in the day by everyone.  What a beautiful one it was!  Sunday we did three cards in the morning and 6 tags in the afternoon.  Everyone was so pleased with the new skills they learned and what they created.  It was hard not to smile to see the enthusiasm everyone had to dig in and get creating.  Some were truly shocked they could make something that nice!  You all have the skills, trust in them and beautiful things will happen.

Did you miss this one and wish you could have came?  Well she’s coming back April 27,28 2019 so save the date and watch for details on what the projects will be and where we will gather.

Here’s a few pictures in case you don’t follow the facebook page.  If you don’t, what are you waiting for?!  Find it, like it and always be up to date.