I have left my comfort zone and created this after seeing a picture in a magazine. This is more than a card.  It’s a card, gift box and gift all in one!  With it’s lid on it looks like a nice gift box.  Take the lid off and pow! There is a 2 tier cake inside complete with little candles.  The top tier comes off to reveal a hidden gift space.  There are 2 envelopes as well to hold your message to the recipient.  This is a very fun and unique project.  You will practice the technique of patience and the ability to judge how much glue on your fingers is too much to work effectively.  I guarantee a lot of belly laughs at this one.  Come and try something different!

If you haven’t seen the video of this box on the facebook page go check it out! It’s way better than the pictures 🙂

As usual, preregistration and prepayment is required and the fee is $25 plus tax

Tuesday April 10 @ 6:00pm

Friday April 20 @ 1:30pm