Have you ever tried something other than watercolor paper to make a background with distress oxides?  I’ve always used white or off white cardstock but today, I saw an article about using black card stock and thought, why not try it out?

The pictures don’t really do it justice, but I used the three colours pictured (speckled egg, weathered wood and aged mahogany) and the smooshing technique.  Since I was only using cardstock, I chose a heavy weight one and tried to use less water than I would with watercolor paper.  This is to prevent it from buckling too badly and even pilling if it gets too wet.  I started with speckled egg, then weathered wood and finally only a small amount of aged mahogany and the results were amazing!  Dry between each layer and move your heat tool around to prevent buckling from the drying as well.

This colour combo created a magical milky way type like look that I really like.

This one is using a stencil and black cardstock with the colours pictured, worn lipstick, spun sugar and fired brick.  I just played around and did some layering of the colours and trying it out.  Interesting note, the spun sugar appeared close to white on the black paper.  Since there is no white in the oxide line, that may be a helpful piece of info for you if you wanted to do something with white.

Back to the first piece, I loved it so much I decided to make a quick card front or tag.  I sealed the oxide background with distress micro glaze first before adding some crystal drops to create some snow falling. The purpose of the glaze is to protect the background and not alter it with the wet drops.  I even used the crystal drops though a stencil to make some snowflakes but they didn’t turn as good as I hoped.  I think that was because I pressed too hard with the spatula on the stencil.  But that is something you can play with and try out as well.  It takes a bit of patience and I just didn’t have it today!  I added a die cut from a matte silver paper and it just kind of all went together.

So that’s my little experiment.  I hope you like it and are inspired to try it out yourself!