Have you heard of this amazing cutter??? I purchased one several years ago and I have to say…best.thing.ever!

It has a rotary blade that self sharpens, no more buying extra blades and getting angry with jagged cuts.  It has a light! A very bright fabulous led light that allows you to make even the tiniest shaving with ease.  The arm swings out and can measure up to 17″ across.  You can save the box for bringing it around to crops with you or very soon you can purchase a special tote just for this occasion.

I still have mine here at the store for a bit longer if you are wanting to stop in and give it a try but not too much longer.  A few of you have stopped in to see it and try and of course purchase!

If you are interested in one of these amazing cutters for yourself be sure to drop by and reserve one.  My supplier has already run out of their first shipment and is waiting on the second one…it’s that darn awesome.

Check out the video I posted on the facebook page with it as well here

In case you didn’t view the video I shared or couldn’t, I decided to do one of my own. This is the cutterpillar crop model in action for you! Drop by to see it in action for the next week or two in store! #sisterhoodpapercrafts #cutterpillar

Posted by Sisterhood Papercrafts on Monday, October 16, 2017