With December upon us this means a lot of wonky hours for me to accommodate my family and some closures for family time.  I have a list below of all things that I know are planned.  If you are ever in doubt, I have hours on the voice mail and facebook page weekly when there are changes.  Keep this handy for easy reference this December.  Thank you for understanding.  As a sole proprietor with no family in town, I don’t really have anyone to just “cover” when I need to be out.  Perhaps one day soon after the move I can look into that, but for now I just do my best to inform you ahead of time as best I can.  If you need a special time or something to work with your schedule please don’t hesitate to ask.  If I can accommodate you I definitely will, especially on weekends.  Just give me notice and we can try to work it out.

December Hours

Thursday Dec 6 1 – 5 pm

Thursday Dec 13 noon – 5pm

Tuesday Dec 18 – there will be a closure in the afternoon I’m just waiting on a time

Wednesday Dec 19 noon – 5pm

Thursday Dec 20 noon – 5pm

Friday Dec 21 noon – 5pm

Closed from December 24 – January 2.  Reopening Jan 3 at 10 am