What you have been waiting for is finally here!  Encaustic wax classes with Linda Mills!

Encaustic – a term derived from Greek meaning “a burning in”. Encaustic painting is a mixed media technique using pigmented beeswax. There are different techniques that can be used to paint a variety of surfaces including wood, paper and canvas. The medium is forgiving and allows for wonderful colour blending and textures. In this class we will use mini irons to create three landscapes and a floral painting. We will make two greeting cards and mat the other two pieces.

Cost is $40 + tax

2 dates will be offered:

April 28 @ 6:00pm

April 29 @ 1:30pm

Please call, drop in or message to reserve your space today.  Space will be limited and Linda’s classes always fill quickly so don’t wait too long for this one!