Finally the day arrived of the daddy daughter ball!  February 8th.  Mikayla has been talking about it for months, her dress picked out even before that.  They sure did have fun.  Dancing all night, candy and fun pictures in the photo booth.  I sure wish they had these things when I was a kid.  Although, I was not into dressing up at her age and I much preferred a trip out ice fishing with my dad instead.  Check out my two cuties though.  She’s going to be a heart breaker that’s for sure and Chris, well he already has my heart, every day and then some.  She was so exhausted with all the dancing they did and still telling me stories about things from their evening.  He’s such a great dad to do this, my heart just explodes when I wonder how we ever got so lucky to have him.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I don’t normally, never have really but the romance of the day is not lost.  I get it, a day of love and all that.  I love getting flowers and surprises.  I do like to be non traditional also and think, why not do that any day of the year?  Or even every day of the year? Although I get on my hubby’s case and tease him about never being romantic on Valentine’s Day, he does other things during the year that mean just as much.  Bringing me my favourite chocolate just because, dropping by with a coffee if he’s out doing errands, he even got me one of those star charts recently with the date of our first date on it..that made me cry a bit.  So if you do Valentines on one day of the year or all year, you do you and enjoy it for whatever it is.  Love is love right?  Just to prove me wrong, this year he did send me flowers and would you believe, even got a smaller matching bouquet for Mikayla that he brought to school with him when he picked her up…swoon.  She was so excited she got her own flowers and that made up for the snow day that caused the Valentine’s party to be postponed.

Did you get to join me for any half price classes in February?  It went pretty well and I hope to do that again next year.  March is shaping up to be a good one too.  A great mix of classes on tap, cards, a page layout, a book shaped gift box and hopefully Linda Mills returning with a new technique to teach you all.

Make sure you sign up for the book gift box class with Brigitte Dumas in March.  It’s such a unique project and super cute!  It’s made entirely out of paper and she will teach you how to put it all together.  All the class details are in the newsletter or the events calendar.  It looks even better in person so drop by to see it, but make sure you call or message to reserve your spot!  There’s always an evening and a day class so be sure to check it out.

It’s that time of year again too, my third anniversary! Be sure to join me March 2-6 for the third anniversary sale that will be going on all week.  Instead of just one day it will be all week.  A few days have extended hours to accommodate and if none of the hours work for you, please reach out to me and arrange a time I can make it work.  I am flexible for those things, please don’t think “I don’t want to bother her”and not call or message me.  I realize not everyone can be here during posted hours and sometimes that includes me!  By allowing you to reach out to me and ask for a late day or a time on Saturday, it’s giving us both what we need.  Flexibility and service you expect from me.  I offer it for a reason so please ask.  Sometimes I have other things going on and can’t meet your request but I do my best to make it work…you just need to ask!

Lots still going on for March, don’t forget about the crop on March 28!  Still a few spaces left so sign up soon and join me!

Cards and Coffee,