The final days of 2017 are upon us and as we all prepare to gather with our family and friends over this wonderful holiday season I wish you all the best of times for 2018.  If 2017 was not good for you, lets go forward with a positive attitude that 2018 will be your year!  If 2017 was simply the best then I hope 2018 can only be better!

It was a mixed year for me as most of you know and I chose this picture because I felt it was fitting.  People tend to get stuck in a rut and never change due to fear.  Most people will never take the leap to something new as illustrated in the picture.  It is human nature for us to cling to things that make us comfortable.  For 2018 I have several challenges set for myself and I hope to be leaping into 2018 as this photo shows!  So for 2018, if you haven’t taken a class why not try one? Maybe card making is your next big passion, maybe making a scrapbook page is your next accomplishment or maybe learning how to use alcohol ink intrigues you.  Instead of just thinking about it, maybe now is your year to act and take a tiny step into something new.  I have big plans for 2018 and I as put them in motion I need to thank every one of you for your support.  I thank you for choosing to shop at the store.   I thank you for referring your friends and family to me.  I thank you for attending the events I put on.  I thank you for sharing your time and your lives with me, from weddings and babies to funerals and illnesses and all the small stuff in between, thank you for including me.

All of January’s classes are in this newsletter so be sure to check it all out while you digest that turkey and eat a few too many shortbread cookies 🙂

Well, I’ve rambled enough.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I wish you peace, health and happiness.