Happy day to you wherever you may be reading this update!  Although it’s another dreary day in the valley, the weather is going to improve soon and June is just around the corner.  It’s been a long winter and a not so great spring, if you need to lift your spirits and get a kick start on creativity, join me at a class this month.  There’s lots going on in and out of the store for June.  The mixed media card class is my favourite, it was a tonne of fun to make.  I’ve even joined forces with AWE yoga locally to offer a yoga class and kid craft.  If you want more info on that for your kidlet, check out www.aweyoga.com.

Just a reminder the pencil class with Aime Talbot is almost here.  Saturday June 8th at the French Cultural Center.  If you haven’t paid please do so asap.  There are a few seats still available if you were thinking about it as well.  Give me a call at the store to check in.

Sign up for the fall laugh and craft is open!  It will be much smaller due to the change in venue (legion was booked and it’s the only weekend I had open!) so don’t wait too long to decide to join me.  A great goodie bag is already in the works so be quick to get signed up and get one 🙂

Also the biggest news is my retreat planned for Sudbury with the talented Karan Gerber!  I’m very excited for this event.  Please share the news on that to anyone you think might be interested.  Visit Karan’s bloghttps://karangerber.blogspot.com/p/fall-retreat.html or see the post in the newsletter with all the info.

You may also have noticed that I updated hours on facebook recently.  I will no longer be open late on Tuesday nights unless there is a class going on.  Having said that, if you need a later night or a Saturday please contact me as I do Saturdays by appointments and can stay late for you as long as I don’t have to pick up my daughter.  I tried it for 2 years having the late night and its not being used.  Please don’t feel bad about asking me to stay or come on a Saturday!  I offer it to you as part of my service, just contact me and we can work it out to what suits us both.

For all of you that are effected by the flooding in any way, you have been on my mind a lot.  I miss seeing your faces and I can’t imagine your frustration.  Creativity helps soothe the soul.  If you need to get out ,drop me a line. You are welcome to use the space at the store to just make something and forget about life or even to just have a coffee and chat.

Cards and coffee,


PS – like the sentiment on the card in the image? It’s in store and has a lot of fun ones in the set!