It feels like the winter that never ends doesn’t it?  So very tired of snow…bah.  BUT!  Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait.  I love those first new days of Spring.  The warmer ones that let you open the window and consider hanging your sheets on the line.  The first hum of a bee going by.  Fun fact about me, I love to garden.  When we lived in Thunder Bay I had a massive garden of lilies.  I even entered them into the fair and won first in category as well as best in show.  That was a huge thing for me.  I still have the ribbons from that fair.  I spent most of my free time planning gardens around our yard and I branched into vegetable gardens.  I just find such satisfaction in watching something grow into a beautiful object.

I suppose all the gardening translates over to paper crafting designs.  While I don’t normally consider myself as someone overly creative, I feel the same way when I can transform a plain piece of paper into something completely different.  Whether it’s planting a new kind of plant or trying a new crafting technique, they are both rewarding in their own way.  What about you?  Do you have other creative passions you feel might carry over to your papercrafting?

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate the third anniversary sale the first week of March!  Congratulations to Ginnette B and Kim L for winning the draws in store!

So what’s going on with the Corona Virus here?  Well the March 28th crop has been cancelled and rescheduled to May 9.  I know some of you that planned to attend will have to cancel.  If you are going to cancel, please be patient while I determine how I can go about reimbursing you.  As you know, I am only a little store.  In order to remain viable in this reduced business time, I need to come up with something viable to us both. Be patient, you know I’ve always done the best for my customers, just need time to figure it all out.  As well, I will be closed March 18 – April 8 in an effort to deal with the virus and to comply with the state of emergency order and health recommendations by the province.  With the latest announcement that non essential business is to close by order of the province, I can’t open until April 9 at the earliest.  This is a huge blow to me, now being closed for 4 weeks instead of two. The website is always open sisterhoodpapercrafts.ca and I will deliver free locally if needed.  Please contact me through the facebook page if needed, I find that’s easier than email for me.  I will be checking email daily but phone messages left at the store will be checked sporadically.  This corona virus is not just effecting health around the world, it’s also effecting supply lines for many crafting companies.  As you are aware, China is a huge place of manufacturing.  As a result of the factory shut down many items are back ordered and delayed.  The biggest one so far is the Tonic Magazine.  They are delayed and have no idea when the next issue will be available as a result.  Only recently many companies are starting to be effected by this and my back order list is growing.  If you had something on order, please be patient and know it’s out of my hands at this point.  Let’s hope for resolution on this virus soon, for all it’s implications world wide and here close to home.

So what’s up in April?? Events will continue to roll forward as scheduled in April, for now.  I have had to cancel the first two early dates with Linda for encaustic wax classes.  If they did need to be rescheduled I will find new dates and cancel those classes that are already set. Have you seen the encaustic wax classes offered by Linda Mills? Yes we have dates and samples on hand in store to view.  If you were hoping to try something new you should really check this out!  Of course there are card classes offered as usual.  Some fun new techniques to try, be sure to check the events page and see what it’s all about.

I will close by saying this is a time in our lives that we have never seen before. Never have we seen such extreme measures taken by provinces and countries to curb the spread of disease.  A true pandemic is upon us. I voluntarily closed March 18 but not I have been ordered to close until at least April 8. Please listen to safety measures and follow to the best you can but not to extremist levels.  WASH WASH WASH and keep distances when out.  Self isolate to protect everyone.  Not just myself, but many local businesses in this area need you.  With 4 weeks of not having my doors open, that is close to a death sentence for me and I know I’m not the only business in the same boat. Please don’t turn to amazon shopping, think of the small local business and call them to see if they have what you need.  Remember I check email and facebook daily and I do deliver in the local area.  Contact me if you aren’t sure if I consider local.  Many of us while we might be physically closed, are still offering help directly to you. These radical methods to stop a pandemic, while needed, will have a tremendous ripple effect from the stock market (which is still plunging) to our countries economy to our local economy.  Don’t live in fear, just live smart and we should all be just fine.  Help one another and remain kind.

Hope to see you in April.

Cards and Coffee,