It appears some of you don’t read everything in the newsletter lol.  So here it is out there and in your face…I’M MOVING!!!   Yes it’s true.  The current plan is to start the move January 31 and be up and open for business at the new location February 5.  Where is this new location I speak of you say?  It is 352 Pembroke St East, there is an empty bay in the same building as Money Mart right at the lights on the corner of Cecelia and Pembroke St.  The same phone number will work as well.  It is a slightly smaller location but ultimately it is a more suitable space for my needs and I know you will love it once I’m all set up!  Onwards and upwards as they say.  Watch the newsletter and facebook page for updates as things get closer and of course a moving sale I’m sure….lord knows I don’t want to pack much lol.