It’s May!  May’s my favourite!  I get to garden and golf. The trailer gets opened for the season, although not sure we will get to use it but we can prepare and hope anyway.  It’s a month of birthdays too!  The birthdays still happen no matter what is going on with the world. My daughter, Mikayla, turned 8 on May 2.  She was pretty ok with the whole quarantine birthday thing.  Even though it was far from our original plans, she had a great day but of course can’t wait until she can do something fun with a friend.  Of course my birthday comes in May too, lucky 13 LOL.  It would have been great to go out for dinner but I guess I have to wait for that.  Either way I had a great day at home.  I’m just grateful to have a home and food and my family safe and healthy.  Everything else is just details right now.  I am a bit disappointed I wasn’t in store all month to celebrate all the other May birthdays that I know are out there!  Perhaps another time we will have a belated celebration and lots of cake or donuts!

So with the all the changes to gatherings and the uncertainty of when we can start mingling,  I’m going to have to adjust a few things.  Since I can’t hold classes for awhile, I’m going to start planning card kits monthly that you can make at home with supplies you probably already have.  If you are new to card making or want to get started, this will be perfect for you.  I will post them under the event calendar on the website as well as posting as an event on the Facebook page so it doesn’t get lost.  They will be a pre-order item so I can prepare only as needed with the cost of $9.99 plus tax to create two cards.  I will include photos and instuctions as well with each kit.  The info on June’s offer is included in the newsletter and you can get all the details there or on the event page.

In addition to the card kits, I will also try to include a technique monthly.  This will be either a series of photos or a video, depends on what I’m doing.  I will try to include links to the products used in a list so you may either purchase to try it yourself or already have the items to use at home.  This may encourage you to try something new or to finally open that product you bought so long ago and forgot about.  It’s ok, we’ve all done that. I feel you.

So how does shopping and store hours look currently?  With the most recent announcement, I can be fully open again as long as I practice the safety put out by the province.  As you can appreciate, I also have a daughter that currently has no school or daycare to go to, so our family is working on a shuffle.  To begin, I will be in the store Tuesday’s and Friday’s from 10-4 pm.   I will answer the phone on those days so you can call in orders to me to have ready for you to pick up.  You can also shop online and arrange for pick up those days as well if you still choose to only do a curbside pick up and not come in to shop.  You can email or send a facebook message for orders as well.  Please be aware that there will be restrictions on the number of people allowed in the store at any one time.  Only two people at a time so we can maintain social distancing.  When you enter the store, there is a hand sanitizing station I ask that you please use before you begin to browse.  Even if you do it in your car before entering, I will ask you to do in the store as well.  If Tuesdays and Fridays don’t work for you, please let me know what will work privately and you can always schedule a time with me that suits your availability.  It’s a different kind of working situation for the foreseeable future, so lets keep adjusting as we need to and please don’t be afraid to ask me for what you need.

Let’s be patient and kind and work through this together.  Not just with me, but all the other small businesses out there that are struggling as well.  I appreciate your support so far and look forward to seeing more of you soon. Shop local and stay positive!

Cards and coffee,