Many of you probably own at least one colour of perfect pearls powder I’m sure.  I’m also thinking you may have become bored with them, I sort of have!  So I did a bit of research and played around with them and came up with the following.  I hope it renews your interest in them!

1.Using a stencil and versamark

For this I used versamark instead of the perfect pearl medium simply because I didn’t have any of the medium around.  They are similar with the only difference being the perfect pearl medium gives you a little bit extra working time to apply the powders.  I taped my stencil over my paper and I also secured the paper to my surface to prevent any shifting.  I took the versamark pad and squished it all over the stencil.  Depending on the thickness of your stencil, you may have to press hard to be able to get it past the stencil to your paper.

Remove the stencil then take a dry brush of whatever kind, but soft fine tip is best, and apply powder to all the places you applied the versamark. There are brushes made for perfect pearl powder, but in a pinch use what you have around.  A little goes a long way (any River Town Saints fans? great song) so be sure to use the powder sparingly.

Once your surface is covered to your liking, use a larger soft brush to take off the excess powder.  The harder you apply the powder to your project, the more it will stick to the places you don’t want it.  Try to be a little gentle when brushing the powder on to prevent this.  Once it’s all cleaned up how you like it, set the powder by waving it through a fine mist of water a few times and then setting aside to dry.  This will help prevent all the powder from coming off on your fingers when it’s handled.

This one used a gold powder, a stencil and black paper and turned out very nice.  Black papers and bold colours can create some super nice backgrounds with a bit of shimmer.  This is an easy technique and will work best with stencils that are not overly intricate.  Experiment and have fun!

2. Highlighting an Embossing Folder

Another neat thing to try with your powders is highlighting embossing folder images.  Similar to how you would use  your inks to do the same.

Emboss your paper, then take your versamark or perfect pearl medium and either press it or lightly dust it across the folder, depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Then apply your powder of choice.  For this folder, I was finding it difficult to highlight just the raised parts like I hoped so I pearlized the whole piece instead.  I brushed heavily on the raised scale part so it would pop more.  If you work with small areas at a time, you can blend with two colours of powder for an even better look.  Again, the versamark works but you have to move really fast or work in small sections at a time.  With patience, you can create some neat effects.

3. Stamp a Sentiment

You can also use perfect pearls to just stamp a sentiment as a change from your normal embossing powder routine.  Simply ink the stamp with the medium you have and apply.  For this technique, don’t press overly hard, that’s how it sticks to the places you don’t want as evidenced in my photo.  If I would have just slowed down and took a lighter touch, the sentiment would be much cleaner.

4. Mixing Perfect Pearls into a medium

A really fun technique is to mix your perfect pearls with basically anything!  A simple white acrylic paint would be the obvious choice but I chose to fool around and mix them with Ranger’s texture paste.  A very small amount of paste and pearls will cover a wide area.  Add a bit of each to a non stick surface and mix with a palette knife.  Mix well until all the pearls have been mixed in.

For the top flower, I applied the coloured paste thickly and left it peaked so you could see the dimension and colour.  The second flower I applied a very thin coat so you can see this medium applied with a thin sheen of colour if preferred.  The neat thing about this medium, if you wanted to use this technique on flowers, you could still shape them after.  Of all the techniques I tried with the pearls, this one was my favourite.

I hope you have maybe found a bit of inspiration and maybe reach for your pearls again in the future!