Saturday June 8 was a much anticipated day, pencil crayon artist Amie Talbot came to Pembroke and delivered a great class!  The cupcake picture was our project.  Amie gave us a brief run down on her evolution from a teenager doodling to the accomplished artist she is today.  Truly real and inspiring.  She then guided us through drawing the cupcakes above.  I was more skeptical about drawing than colouring.  Here’s my drawing:

While I’m not an artist by any means when it comes to drawing, I thought it wasn’t bad, definitely better than expected!  Colouring though is another world all on its own.  Aimee sat with many of us after the group lesson and gave us so many great tips and advice.  The one we all need to remember most…..practice.  Her talent did not happen over night and neither will yours.  Keep on with the practice and you will get better, isn’t that true with everything we do in life?

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