Being relatively new to the Ottawa Valley, I had no idea we had an operating airport.  Who knew?  Many of you probably know that an airline named PemAir operated out of the airport for a long time before they shut down.  What many people don’t know is that the airport is still operating and very vital to our community and those surrounding it.  Recently I went to a talk sponsored by The Chamber of Commerce and featured Jennifer Layman from Forward Thinking speaking about the airport’s mission to raise funds for a new runway.  I was blown away by how important this airport is to our community!  The biggest point in the talk that really resonated with me, was the use by air ambulances.  Every week a local person needs air ambulance and they use the Pembroke airport.  This could be anything from rescuing an injured hiker to a baby born in distress.  Every week…that’s 52 people a year who’s life was saved simply because the airport is operational.  WOW.  That’s a huge impact and that’s just one example of how it benefits us.  There’s also fighting fires, OPP search and rescue and over 100 businesses that use it. I call on you to perhaps think about helping the airport to raise money for the new runway.  Any donation will help.  Visit their website for more info.  If you need to organize a speaking event or want to help get the word out, contact them to schedule a speaker.  Jennifer was fantastic.  $250 will pave a foot of runway, watch for more posts this year on how I am going to try to help and raise funds for at least one foot and do my part to get them closer to the goal.  Remember, this one mile of runway could very well give you the world.