I feel like summer is passing at warp speed these days!  Thank you for your understanding with my crazy hours over the summer.  With time off for visiting and being with my family and the craziness of taking Mikayla to summer camps, there has been a lot of weird hours and openings.  Please know I appreciate you all and I appreciate your understanding.  While I would love to be here 24/7 so nobody is inconvenienced over a closure, it’s not realistic or healthy.  Please reach out to me if you are having any issues getting here during business hours.  I am flexible and I really want you to enjoy your store experience, please just ask!

Here is the remainder of what I have for closures. Please update your notes or call before you come.  My voice mail is always up to date and it’s posted on the door and facebook page.

July 29 closed at 4:30pm

July 30 closed at 4pm

July 31 closed all day

August  5 closed all day

August 12 closed all day

August 19 – 23 closed all week