I hope you had a great holiday, over ate and spent time with your family.  Did you take pictures?  I didn’t take as many as I usually do but I did take my mom’s first selfie, LOL.  She always likes to have pics of us in front of the tree together.  After a few poses I said lets just do it this way…and here it is.  Mikayla always goofing off as well, that kid can never smile normally I swear.  Mom always makes me my favourite apple pie when she comes and of course Mikayla helps with the dough and makes her own mini pie.  It’s one of my favourite things, watching my mom with my daughter.  Mikayla sure loves her grammie.  I hope you had some cherished moments over the holidays like I did.  While there wasn’t a lot of relaxing down time, it was still enjoyable.

So another year has begun and another world junior hockey tournament is over (yay Canada!).  That’s another thing you might not know about me, I’m a HUGE hockey fan and I never miss this tournament.  I will get up at 5am to watch games over seas or stay up until 2am until a game finishes.  I just don’t miss it.  When its over, the holidays are officially over for me as well.  Now it’s back to work!

So what’s on tap for February at the shop? Well, February is half price class month.  Get started or get back into it but take advantage of the deal! There are 3 great classes scheduled, all with various techniques and designs.

February 14 I plan to show you my love with double stamp day!  All qualifying purchases get double stamps so you earn your reward that much faster!  Don’t miss that day!

I  have Linda Mills getting ready to come teach us something new hopefully in March.  Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on that coming soon!

Brigette Dumas has designed the cutest little book project!  It opens and you hide a little gift inside!  Here’s a peek of it and this class is coming in March!  You really need to have a look in person…it’s adorable and Brigette will walk you through the steps!

The spring crop is also back!  March 28 at the Madawaska room in Carefor, same as last fall.  Sign up is already open so check the events calendar and sign up soon, it’s already half filled!

Finally, all the new product will be trickling in here and there as creativation will be winding up soon.  I wish I could order it all!  Stop in regularly to not miss new items.  Don’t forget there is now a Sisterhood rewards card!  If you don’t have one ask at your next purchase!

Until next time amigos!

Cards and coffee,