How has the change in the weather been for you?  September has slipped away and we head into October.  More beautiful scenery coming up to soothe the soul but some sadness as golf season comes to an end.  I’m pretty addicted to golf so it’s bitter sweet to see it end until the spring, just when I was starting to feel like I was improving LOL.  You should see Mikayla hit the ball, she’s freakishly good without even trying.  I’m hoping she keeps up with the playing and pursues it.  Never know what could happen right??

The fall crop that was to happen has been officially cancelled with the latest goings on. I will not rebook another date.  If you were on the list I either emailed or sent a facebook message to let you know your options going forward.  If you didn’t get your message please let me know.

October will see me being closed for a few days after Thanksgiving for a dental surgery.  I put it off long enough but its been forced to happen now.  October 15 I will be closed at 3:30pm and closed all day October 16.  Hopefully the 4 days is all I need to recover and I will reopen Tuesday October 20.

Classes are returning for October!!!!  So excited to finally have classes back.  It is definitely a change, there will be a maximum of 4 people per class and you will be spaced over 2 tables with plenty of room.   I will wear a mask while teaching since I’m often hovering in your space to help.  I will start with one class and work up from there.  The card kits will still be available for those still preferring to do them at home.  Kits have actually become quite popular.  I try to make them using items I think most would have at home already so you don’t need to buy any other things to complete them.  However, I like to do techniques so the next few kits might appear a little different.  I still give you options to do them at home though so no worries there.  As Rob Schneider would say, “you can do it!”.  If you have no idea what I’m referring to, I’m sorry but you need to either ask me or google it LOL.

Nothing much else to report to you for now.  New items are still arriving so check the website periodically to see what’s been posted.  However, my last order full of new things barely made it to the website before they were sold out!  But I do try to get everything on there except for the loose sheets of papers.

Please remember to contact me directly for card kits, just checking like on facebook doesn’t save you one.

Stay safe out there and be kind.

Cards and Coffee,