I’ve had a chance to calm down, but yesterday I turned on my computer to some not very nice news!  You may remember last year the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform was delayed over litigation with the company that makes the Misti stamp press.  We all thought that was straightened out as Tim Holtz platforms started shipping and he even just announced a travel size earlier this year.  But apparently, this litigation was never settled.  You can read it here:

What does it mean?  Well I’m still trying to find out if Tonic is selling them until stock runs out or if it is an immediate stoppage.  I’m very disappointed to hear this as I LOVE the stamp platform.  I use it all the time.  When I know if I can access anything I will post here and on the fb page to update.  As of this writing I have one stamp platform in stock and I’m sure it won’t last long now.

My personal feelings, like the tone of the article hints at, is that My Sweet Petunia will be launching a product with Tim’s name possibly as a new improved misti.  But I’m only speculating.  Should be an interesting development in the coming months.  Stay tuned.