Lately  many of you have brought up the question of how to store your ink pads.  To invert or not invert seems to be the question.  While I’ve always been an upside down store person, because that makes sense to me, I thought I should investigate more to find out if there really is any difference to how you store the inks.

This is directly from the Ranger website:

How should I store my Distress Ink Pads?

The molded plastic case is designed to create the proper fit needed for the ink formulation. While storing the pads flat with the bottom side up will neither help nor hurt, we usually store pads on their sides or flat with the right side up.

I also decided to email Ranger for clarification and here is their response:

Hi Beth,

Thank you for your email.

Distress Oxide Ink Pads should be stored flat with the bottom down. Storing Oxide Ink Pads upside down or on the side may create the possibility of leakage and ink separation.

Regular Distress and Archival Ink Pads can be stored flat, on the side or upside down.If storing these ink pads on the sides, make sure the lids are secure.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  When planning your ink storage keep this info in mind.  Don’t forget there is a great link on Ranger’s website to print labels for the edges of your ink pads too.  Makes things easier to find!

Here’s the link to their organization labels for all the Ranger products for you.  If it doesn’t work, just copy and paste into your browser.  The new year is a great time for organizing, why not start with this!