Well summer seems to be officially here now and in full swing. My daughter is almost done school and about to head into Grade 1!  Wow, time sure passes doesn’t it?

With summer of course we all have activities and events to attend and I’m no different.  July is a bit a of crazy one with so much going on for me the hours are a bit wonky in July.  I do apologize in advance but work/life balance is very important.  Please call ahead if you are travelling to make sure I am there, I post the hours on the phone message every week.  I also pin the hours for the month on the facebook page.  I do my best to accommodate you if I am in town.  Please don’t be afraid to ask for a late night or a special visit around regular hours.  If I can do it I will…you only have to make the request.

Having said that here are the July changes:

Monday July 2-closed all day

Friday July 6 – closed all day

Friday July 13 – 9-12 only

Saturday July 21 – open 10-2

Friday July 27 – 9-12 only

I will also be closed for the week of August 20-24


Thanks so much for your understanding and I wish everyone a safe and happy summer.