First off the good news!  Did you see the announcement or add in the paper that Sisterhood Papercrafts won the readers choice award for favourite craft store 2019??? I was beyond excited to learn this, after I confirmed it was indeed not a mistake LOL.  I did actually think it was a mistake.  Thank you so very much for your trust and support in me these past three years, you have no idea how happy this had made me.  To know you not only voted for the store, but for me, just makes me so damn grateful I can’t even find the words.

I literally found out about this award 7 days before the world went crazy.  7 full days before our lives all changed probably forever. 7 days I walked on clouds before everything crashed to a halt and suddenly I had no way of knowing if I will even be around to defend this award for next year.  That’s the hard truth.  No sugar coating.  I’m not the only business in this boat, I know that.  You receive the newsletter because you have a vested interest in the store and you are most likely a papercrafter of some sort.  The hard truth is that I am a non-essential business.  I can’t keep my doors open for random walk in customers or the customers that just don’t do online or any kind of social media.  I can’t hold classes.  I can’t hold events.  The only thing I can do at this time, is to continue to offer you contactless local delivery and shipping via Canada Post.  I can continue to post projects to hopefully inspire you.  I can continue to post items to make you laugh.  I can continue to be in your face so you don’t forget about me!  Full honesty, because you know me as nothing else but honest, I can’t continue to keep my doors open without sales.  Overhead will always be there and it needs to be paid.  If it can’t be….well you know the rest.  I want nothing more than to stay open but I need to remain realistic.  It’s going to be a rough road and I really don’t know how it will play out.  I have some new items arriving in the next few weeks.  I will update the website and try to post photos on facebook as well.

I guess what you really need to know right now is this, I have a plan in place to continue with being here and staying open.  Time will tell if it works or not.  With the latest updates from the province, it appears the closure is going to be longer than expected.  At this time all the classes for April will be on hold and will be rescheduled once it is cleared to do so.  If you have signed up for anything, I will be in touch with you to let you know the new dates and you can decide if the new date works for you or not.  The crop for May 9 will either be rescheduled or cancelled outright.  I’m waiting to hear when we can resume gatherings before I try to book any other dates, but I will keep everyone posted. If you need anything, you can always email me at or you can message me through the facebook page.  I am in the store on Tuesday and Friday mornings to process orders and such.  If you need me to send you pictures of papers or check on something you couldn’t find on line, just try to contact me before either of those days and I will do my best to help you.  The website is always open and I am pretty good keeping it updated, sometimes mistakes are made but it’s pretty accurate.  If you want to pick up or have local delivery just say pick up at store in the cart so you aren’t charged shipping.  There are many ways to pay so reach out if  you aren’t sure.

I’d also like to give a big welcome to all the new people that have signed up for the newsletter this past week!  WOW!  There are a lot of you!  This is not the normal content of the newsletter, its usually full of class announcements and ideas and goings on in store.  With the world’s happenings, those are on hold now so it’s just this short update from me for now.  Just know the content is usually more than this so be patient.

In the meantime, while we all pass the time at home, send me pics of your creations and I can share it on instagram or facebook!  Just let me know if you are on either platform so I can give you proper credit!

Let’s stay positive and navigate the new future together the best we can.  Stay safe and healthy.

Soon we will enjoy each other’s company again.

Cards and Coffee,