As we wind up November and head into the final month of 2019, 2020 is already being prepared for.  I’m sending all of the faithful patrons of my store a wish of health and happiness.  So many of you have been having troubles his year, it breaks my heart.  I just want you to know that I think of you often and hope life gets easier for you.  I do hope to see you all soon, just know you are in my thoughts.  This also stems from my dad’s own struggles this year.  A lot of you know he had a course of radiation for prostate cancer this past summer.  He’s doing well, treatment appears to have worked and now he has a long road ahead to recover, as the leukemia makes all that extra hard.  So he’s 3 for 3 right now in the cancer battle.  For all of you struggling, just know your attitude can make a huge difference.  Never give up!

I didn’t plan any classes for the month of December, I know everyone gets busy and it’s hard to come up with a date that can satisfy the majority.  So January classes are already in the works.  Plus, I really wanted to start looking to spring already.  I know the snow hasn’t even begun but dang it I miss flowers and sunny days already, blah.  This could be a tough winter for me it seems LOL.

My December hours were included in another post and posted on the website event calendar.  I will be open late Thursdays in December and closed the week of Dec 23.  If you are unsure, just call the store as I always update the voicemail weekly.

As you all prepare for Christmas, I hope a handmade card is included with your gifts.  I love giving them just as much receiving them usually.  While Christmas stock is getting low at the shop, there is still plenty of inspiration to be found inside.

Keep an eye of for some last minute deals as we get closer to Christmas as well.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out on anything!

Until we meet again next month!

Cards and Coffee,