The Tonic Magazine has been getting a lot of inquiries so I thought I would create an unboxing video with some of the details concerning this limited quarterly release kit.  The blog never seems to allow me to post my videos due to their size, so hopefully this link to the facebook page video will work for you, if not just go to the page and it is easy to find as the last video posted.

Many questions have been coming in about the Tonic Magazine. Maybe this video will help clear up some questions 😃

Posted by Sisterhood Papercrafts on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

It’s not just a magazine, it is a whole kit of goodies that always includes at least one die.  So it is best to have a die cutting machine to take advantage of the value.  It’s in a double box.  There is the full colour magazine with tonnes of examples using the product in the kit.  There is a pack of paper in the magazine as well.  Not glossy magazine paper but real paper you would like to use on a project.  The paper co-ordinates with your stamps and dies in the kit.  There is usually a smaller die, a stamp set or embossing folder or stencil and then a bonus item that is usually a large die.

Tonic releases these quarterly, so 4 times a year they come out.  Since they come from the UK we often get ours a little delayed but roughly every 3 months.  COVID kind of messed up this years issues and we are getting them very close together but it’s usually 3-4 months apart.  They currently retail for $39.99.  While the cost has gone up a bit since the world nose dived, I’ve left the cost to you the same because it truly is a great product.  The dies alone would cost more than $40 to purchase separately, but that’s not even an option because all the product in the kit is made only for the kit.

If you are interested in the Tonic Magazine kit, ask to be on the order list. That means I order you a copy at each release automatically and let you know once it’s in.  Currently 32 people are that list!  Those 32 people know they won’t miss out on an issue.  I only order a few extra for in store, so if you want to take a chance at each issue you would have to act fast.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and I hope this may have helped you with your decision!