So there are still a lot of questions surrounding the fall crop and if it will go ahead or not.  The recent announcement to increase the gathering numbers to 50 people indoors was a start at getting us closer to a crop.  However, social distancing is also a rule to still be followed while at a crop.  As you know, part of going to a crop is to connect with your friends, sit and laugh and generally share space.  This is one of the hurdles we now face, can we do this adequately while at a crop?  I’m not very keen on wearing a mask the entire time we have a crop, as I’m sure you aren’t either.  The other hurdle is the venue, since I am booked at the Madawaska room, part of Carefor, I’m fairly certain they would have strict protocols for us to follow in their space in addition to what we already know.  Since things are constantly changing on what we can and cant’t do, I am holding off on the decision on what will happen for this crop a little longer.  Keep watching the facebook page and reading the newsletters for updates.

As for beginning classes again, it’s the same situation.  While its easy to keep the group small, I have limited room in the store work space to keep the social distance rule.  So at least for the next few months, I will keep the monthly kit option going until I can perhaps come up with a solution that will get some in store classes running again.

I’m ok with changes, but this one is getting to me!  Just keep on keeping on and we will get together soon!