Hello, Everyone!

This is my very first post on the new blog! Gotta say, I’m pretty overwhelmed with all the changes and updates I’ve made so I can only imagine how you must all feel!  After saying that though, there is a time in life when we all need to take that risk, that extra step outside the comfort zone and go with it.  If it’s a bad outcome, well then we regroup and learn and try something new.  If it’s a good outcome, we rejoice in our success and we are glad we took the leap in the first place! My first leap of faith was becoming the owner of this wonderful store.  My second leap is updating the website and blog, the newsletter layout and the signage with a new name and feel.  The inside of the store hasn’t changed much.  All the awesome products you know and love are still here.  The great selection of paper, stamps, dies and everything in between is still here.  I still do card classes in the store and other projects that I’ve added in.  Veronica still designs most of them as well.  Eventually, I will get around to adding some of my own, but as I tell myself, just little steps Beth, be patient.

That brings me to you, my friend and valued customer.  Do I know your name yet?  If not I need to!  Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself when you drop in.  I take the laid-back approach in the store.  If you want help with something ask. If you have questions about the product please ask.  I don’t intrude on your browsing unless invited, as I enjoy just walking and looking in stores like this as well.  If you want to run over an idea and need suggestions, please do! It’s what I’m here for.

I do hope you enjoy the changes going forward.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  I listen to all of them, good and bad.

Happy crafting…..I think I might like this blog thing eventually 🙂