We can see the grass, the giant piles of snow in front of the store are almost gone and I’m itching to get out golfing!  Fun fact: I actually draw happy faces on my golf balls like this because I think it helps me focus lol.  Golf is such a mind game but it’s something I have really started to like and my daughter has even started to like it so much we got her some clubs last fall.  It’s officially a family thing now and I’m going to do more of it this summer!  On that note, it’s going to be the main reason you may see some hour changes for July and August.  I’m still working on the details but the summer schedule will be out very soon.  We all love our outdoor activities in the summer, I’m no exception.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.  I trust you will understand and work with the changes just like you always do.

So April is about to end with Karan Gerber’s weekend event coming up.  She’s got some fantastic techniques in her projects this time.  I will do my best to share some with you if you couldn’t make it.  The big news for June is artist Amie Talbot coming to teach a pencil technique for us!  You ladies are really digging it because in only 1.5 days the workshop is 2/3 capacity and I’m looking to find a bigger space for us.  I’m very excited to hear and see what she will teach us as well.  Also in the works is another alcohol ink day with Linda Mills.  We all lead busy lives so it’s just a matter of us getting a day to work for both of us again.  The next project we have in mind will be better than the last!  As always, I’m always searching for people that can bring new life and skills to your paper crafting.  I’ve got a few more things in the works to shake things up, just keep reading and watching for the announcements as they are confirmed.

For May I have decided to only offer one card as I will doing a class offsite for the Military Family Center and it’s kind of consumed my time.  I’m also looking at bringing back the technique nights but with a bit of a twist.  Stay tuned for that!  May is also a busy month for visitors and birthdays in our family.  My daughter will be 7 on May 2, my birthday is the 13th and my mom will be visiting then as well.  The may long weekend and birthday parties…phew.  You get the idea anyway.

In case you haven’t noticed, my mind is always going with ideas.  It’s like it never stops thinking of stuff lol.  Yes it does keep me awake at night, that’s why coffee and I are in such an intimate relationship.

Thanks for staying with me and reading and supporting all my ideas.  You guys really are the best 🙂

Cards and Coffee (extra cups because it’s the NHL playoffs!),